Michael Jackson Album Bad

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Released in 1987 Michael devoted two and a half years to recording the follow up up to Thriller.

Michael again worked with Quincy Jones, and they both set out to make the most perfect album humanly possible.

Michael wrote all but 2 of the songs on the album, "Man In the Mirror" a great self message song co-written by Siedah Garrett who co sings on the love song "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" and "Just Good Friends" the duet with Stevie Wonder were the only other tracks not written by Michael.

On the Cd, new technolgy allowed space for an extra track "Leave Me Alone" a simple message and along with the video gets the message across of him wanting some privacy and trying to dispell some of the ludicrious stories constantly surrounding the now global superstar.

The album has sold over 25 million copies.

1. Bad
2. The Way You Make Me Feel
3. Speed Demon
4. Liberian Girl
5. Just Good Friends (Duet with Stevie Wonder)
6. Another Part of Me
7. Man in the Mirror
8. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
9. Dirty Diana" (Jackson)
10. Smooth Criminal" (Jackson)

Extra track on the CD
11. Leave Me Alone" (Jackson)


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