Exclusive Last Photo Michael Jackson

The news about the Michael Jackson death has spread slowly through the world, the fans in different countries were been shock by the death of the pop legend Michael Jackson. He was died on Thursday from the cardiac arrest in Los Angeles. Jackson was 50 years old when he was dead. The police are investigating about his sudden death and are questioning the doctor ‘Conrad Murray’ who was there in Jackson home when he fell ill.
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It is known that Michael Jackson was under depression from the long time with his mounting debts and he was also addicted to drugs. He used to take different kind of drugs in a day and it became out of control to Michael Jackson to save his life. He used to think always about his debts and decided to take up a new album to clear his debts. His new album is estimated to make millions of money. An Indian-American ‘Deepak chopra’ who was friend to Jackson for the past 20 years and is also a doctor and writer has revealed the facts about the new album. He said that Jackson has shared few things about his new album, a few days ago. He said Jackson was estimating very high from this album.


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