Description of the Banjo

Manner of Holding the Banjo.
Sit upright and rest the rim of the Banjo on the right thigh, pressing the upper part lightly to the breast with the fore-arm. Support the neck in the hollow of the left hand between the first finger and thumb and curve the fingers so. that the tips can be used in pressing the strings to the finger-board.

The Right Hand
Rest the wrist or fore-arm upon the rim, a few inches from the tail-piece, with the fingers over the strings, a little in front of the bridge. Pick the first string (1st Str.) with the-second finger; the second string (2n_d Str.) with the first finger, the thumb be­ing used to pick the third, fourth and fifth strings, (3r-d Str. 4*J» Str. 5tn str.)
This is the rule in all playing, except in chords of four or more notes. When the third finger also is used.


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