Michael Jackson The Album Invincible

Iinvincible On October 29, 2001 (October 30th in North America) Michael Jackson's latest album was released! Titled, "Invincible", the 16-track album has been said to be Michael's best work since 'Thriller', and was expected to revolutionize the music industry as we know it today....

The album was released on CD, and vinyl and released with 5 different covers. Album covers were printed in white/silver, blue, green, red and orange, to make collecting the CDs "more fun" for fans!

However, after the first single "You Rock My World" was released it became clear that Sony Music were nt interested in promoting the album. Only 1 more single "Cry" written by R. Kelly was released and that was without a proper music video.

Track Listing
1. Unbreakable
2. Heartbreaker
3. Invincible
4. Break Of Dawn
5. Heaven Can Wait
6. You Rock My World
7. Butterflies
8. Speechless
9. 2000 Watts
10. You Are My Life
11. Privacy
12. Don't Walk Away
13. Cry
14. The Lost Children
15. Whatever Happens
16. Threatened


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