Vanilla Sky Biography

Vanilla Sky
Cisco-bass guitar/backing vocals

The year 2002, four young, make that very young Italian guys get together in Rome, Italy with the common dream of creating a special band

The guys all share a rich musical background having sung and played a wide variety of instruments from a very young age. They also share a love for Pop Punk music influenced heavily by the sounds they hear coming from the USA.

So they set off pursuing their dream and in late 2002 using Dads garage record their first songs, no outside help needed, they did it all themselves and knocked up a quality Demo that provided the catalyst for Vanilla Sky to shortly after begin playing live shows. The initial run of the five-track Demo titled “Play It If You Can't say It” sold out in less then two months and people began to take notice, the buzz had begun.

The buzz went to some of the bigger Punk / Rock bands in Italy who quickly began inviting these kids to join them on shows throughout Italy.

The buzz by now was becoming a roar and emerging Indies Label – Wynona Records (Genoa, Italy) signed the band in January 2003 without hesitation.

Shortly after Wynona unleashed Vanilla Sky to the world via a four way split titled “Too Loud Four You”. The same release with an extra band and a different title – “The Rest Is History” was Lisensed in Japan by prominent Indies Label Ambience Records.

Via these two releases the bands name was firmly on the lips of thousands of kids throughout Europe and Japan and a few of the smarter kids in other territories as well were starting to get excited by Vanilla Sky's exciting sound.

Move on now to the summer of 2003. The band has no played allot of live shows, they work very hard and play show after show to hone their abundant talent. They have a stack of quality songs in their reppotoire. So into the studio they go and over an eight-week period record their first Album- “Waiting For Something”.

Vanilla Sky then leave the confines of the studio and hit the road and tour all over Europe on a six week tour with bands like Forty Winks, The Break and New Jersey. The roar is now getting even louder all over Europe as they slay audiences everywhere, most witnessing them for the first time.

2004 – The phenomenen continues. “Waiting For Something” sells extraordinary numbers for a debut album in Italy, Germany and especially Japan (a notably tough market for new, non-USA bands).

Word of the band has reached some people in the USA as Vanilla Sky embark on a European Tour with Maxeen (Sideonedummy) and The Ataris also invited them to support them for the duration of their highly successful Italian Tour. Vanilla Sky do not stop however, not long after the dust has settled on these two tours and Vanilla Sky are back on the road playing shows all through Europe.

Sales of the album quickly go into four digits and rising……over 13,000 units after just three months.

The roar will continue, this is just the beginning for Europe's premier Pop Punk band.


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