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Elan In Carnegie HallOn Friday, September 21, 2007 a music band from Slovakia ELAN played in Carnegie Hall. Tickets were already sold out more than a month before the concert. More than 2,800 fans from both Slovakia and Czech Republic came to support Elan and created an unforgettable atmosphere. The front man Jozo Raz mentioned that it has always been his dream to play in Carnegie Hall.

Abo Elan

They started just like other school bands of the communist era. The band was put together by Vašo Patejdl, who did not even know the band was to become a legend. They used to play in clubs and on local stages in early and mid-seventies. Then came the first breakthrough with a song called “Kaskadér” that hit the first rank in “Bratislavská lyra“ contest. The band’s popularity started to rise immediately. With their hits on the radio and on the TV, one success was following by the other. Their songs dominated the top positions in all pop-music charts. The band’s albums became blockbusters that actually broke all the sales records in former Czechoslovakia. Four times during the eighties, the band has won the highest pop-music award “Zlaty Slavik”. With no difference between the kids and adults, the hits performed by Elán are well known to the listeners of all ages. Their melodies and lyrics have become widely popular, so that everybody knows them.

Then suddenly, Jozo Raz has suffered a serious motorbike crash, as he was hit by a slack car driver. This was a fatal turnover for Jozo himself, but also for the band and of course for the hundreds of thousands of fans in both Slovakia and Czech Republic. The crowds of people were praying for Jozo’s healing. And then the miracle came. Finally, after a longer break, Jozo and Elan made it back to stage. The main and unchanging members of the group
Jozo Raz
the front man, voice and bass of the band
charismatic, controversial, popular and beloved freethinker, a rebel, passionate biker with an obsession for any machine, that rides fast
Vaso Patejdl
keyboard player, singer, and composer
an universal musical talent, author of many famous hits and projects covering virtually all musical genres and styles from classical music to musical, a name that stands as a synonym for talent and hard work
Jano Balaz
guitar and voice of the band, a true heart of the ban About Carnegie Hall
For more than 100 years, the Carnegie Hall stands for the utmost ambition. Only the best ones deserve the right to perform on its stage. Since 1981, the Carnegie Hall represents a summit of international art and culture. In Carnegie Hall, Elan will enter the row of chosen ones and will stand among those, who have sealed their names into the history of this glorious place... Sergej Rachmaninoff, Vladimir Horowitz, Placido Domingo or Luciano Pavarotti... Beatles had their debut in Carnegie Hall in 1964. On this famous scene there were only the Greatest of all: Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Doors... Even Winston Churchill, Mark Twain or Jack London were giving their lectures in world-renowned Carnegie Hall.
This September it was the turn for the legendary band Elan - Jozo Raz, Jano Balaz and Vaso Patejdl, accompanied by Peter Farnbauer, Lubo Hornak, Juraj Kucharek and Henry Toth.


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