John Lennon History

John Lennon History
October 9, 1940 - As sirens wailed during a German Luftwaffe attack, John Lennon is born at Oxford Street Maternity Hospital in Liverpool, England to Julia Stanley and Alfred Lennon.
1956 - John's mother buys him a guitar. He forms his first group, the Quarrymen, with pals Pete Shotton, Nigel Whalley, and Ivan Vaughan.
July 6, 1957 - John meets Paul McCartney at the Woolton Parish Church in Liverpool during a performance by the Quarrymen.
1958 - John writes his first song, "Hello Little Girl," which is later recorded by the Beatles at their 1962 audition for Decca Records.
July 15, 1958 - John's mother is killed while crossing the road by an off-duty policeman.
1960 - In his final year of art school in Liverpool, John forms a group with Paul, George, and Stu Sutcliffe.

August 1960 - Pete Best joins The Silver Beetles as drummer for their six week residency at a strip bar in Hamburg. Stu eventually leaves the group, and Paul takes over on bass.
January 1961 - The Beatles debut at the Cavern Club, Liverpool.
January 24, 1962 - The Beatles agree verbally to be managed by Brian Epstein
June 4, 1962 - George Martin signs The Beatles to Parlophone EMI.
August 23, 1962 - John marries Cynthia Powell as news hits the press that Brian Epstein has fired Pete Best.
February 1963 - The Beatles begin their first U.K. tour. They take one night off to record the album Please Please Me in one session.

April 8, 1963 - John Charles Julian Lennon is born to Cynthia and John at Sefton General Hospital, in Liverpool.
August 3, 1963 - After almost three hundred performances at the venue, The Beatles play their farewell show at the Cavern Club.
February 7, 1964 - The Beatles embark on their first US tour.
February 9 and 16, 1964 - The Beatles headline twice on the "Ed Sullivan Show."
March 1964 - With "Can't Buy Me Love" topping the charts both in Britain and America, shooting begins on the Beatles' first feature film, A Hard Day's Night.
April 1964 - John's first book of stories and poems, In His Own Write, is published.
August 1964 - After touring Austrailia, The Beatles visit the U.S. for a 32-day tour. Bob Dylan introduces them to marijuana.

January 1965 - John composes "Help!"
Spring 1965 - A friend of George Harrison's secretly spikes coffee with LSD, sending John, his wife Cynthia, George, and Patti Boyd on their first LSD trip.
June 1965 - John's second book, A Spaniard In The Works, is published.
July 29, 1965 - Help! premieres in London's West End.
August 1965 - The Beatles visit Elvis Presley at his home. Elvis refers to each of them as "Beatle," not knowing their individual names.
December 3, 1965 - Rubber Soul is released.
June 20, 1966 - The American album Yesterday and Today is released with the infamous "butcher cover." It was later recalled after complaints.
August 5, 1966 - Revolver is released.
August 29, 1966 - After major difficulties on the road, including death threats, The Beatles perform their final concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. They are now solely a studio group.
November 1966 - Yoko Ono and John Lennon meet at Indica Gallery in London.
February 1967 - John and Paul receive the Song of the Year Grammy� Award for "Michelle."
June 1, 1967 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is released.
September 1967 - John writes "I Am the Walrus."
November 27, 1967 - Magical Mystery Tour is released in America.
February 1968 - George convinces The Beatles to visit the Maharashi in India.
August 22, 1968 - Cynthia files for divorce. Paul soon writes "Hey Jude" to comfort Julian.
November 11, 1968 - John and Yoko's first of three experimental albums is released. The cover of Two Virgins is a photograph of the couple standing naked.
November 22, 1968 - The Beatles [The White Album] is released.
January 13, 1969 - Yellow Submarine is released.
January 30, 1969 - The Beatles perform together as a group for the final time on the roof of the Apple building, during the filming of Let It Be.
March 20, 1969 - John and Yoko marry in Gibraltar.
May 26, 1969 - Life with the Lions, the second experimental collaboration between John and Yoko, is released.
September 1969 - Lennon releases the single "Cold Turkey," about his heroin withdrawl.
September 26, 1969 - Abbey Road is released.
October 20, 1969 - Wedding Album is released.
December 12, 1969 - Lennon's impromptu concert in Toronto with Eric Clapton assisting on guitar is released as Live Peace in Toronto, 1969.
December 11, 1970 - Plastic Ono Band is released.
May 8, 1970 - Let It Be is released.
September 3, 1971 - John leaves the U.K. for New York, never to return.
September 9, 1971 - The album Imagine is released.
June 12, 1972 - John and Yoko release the more mainstream Sometime in New York City/Live Jam.
October 1973 - John travels to Los Angeles, later calling his eighteen-month separation from Yoko his "lost weekend."
November 2, 1973 - John releases the album Mind Games.
September 26, 1974 - Sessions from the "lost weekend" are released as Walls and Bridges.
February 17, 1975 - Rock 'N' Roll is released.
October 5, 1975 - U.S. Court of Appeal overturns John's deportation order, granting him residency.
October 9, 1975 - Sean Taro Ono Lennon is born at New York Hospital on John's thirty-fifth birthday.
November 17, 1980 - The Double Fantasy album is released.
December 8, 1980 - Returning home from the studio, John Lennon is assassinated while walking toward the entryway of his building.
February 1982 - John posthumously wins the Album of the Year Grammy� for Double Fantasy.
January 27, 1984 - Milk and Honey is released.
February 10, 1986 - A concert recorded on August 30, 1972 is released as Live in New York City.
November 3, 1986 - A collection of alternate takes from Rock 'N' Roll and Walls and Bridges is released as Menlove Ave.
February 1992 - John receives the Grammy� Lifetime Achievement Award.
January 1994 - John is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.
November 2, 2004 - A collection of recordings with John performing solo with a guitar is released as Acoustic.


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